The portable air compressor is a machine that transforms electrical power into kinetic energy, with the help of compressed air. The kinetic energy is released in the significant amount when this air is released in the rapid plunge. The use of compressed air in something that is underrated in many factories. The main advantage of using an air compressor is that kinetic energy is produced. The air compressor is useful for functions such as filling the air and blowing up the tires and powering air tools. The sad part is that the air compressor cannot be used to the fullest. Air compressor gets power through electricity source; it makes the air compressor not very portable device. The air compressor cannot move about independently. The one that is movable is considered to quite helpful and convenient. Such air compressor is deemed to be life savers.

Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews

The free air compressor are very reliable and portable. They are very lightweight and can be carried around with ease. The air compressor are subtle in size and can be kept in either your garage or car without using much space. You should not go their size, despite being of small they provide helpful services. They can be utilized for the tasks that require a significant amount of energy. When you want to buy a air compressor, you should be acutely aware of the various types of small air pump available on the market and powers of different air compressors.  If you know about the various types of portable air compressors, then you will come to know about your requirements in the air compressor and you will purchase the right one accordingly. Given below are various types of  movable air compressor which you should read to understand their features, advantages, and disadvantages.


When you to the market to purchase a movable air compressor, there will be a variety of brands, sizes, and models available to you. So, if you are not aware of the details and features of a good air compressor, you will be confused and end up buying a wrong air  compressor. However, all the micro air compressor may seem alike to you. The main and the only difference lies in the source of power used by the portable air compressors. Some portable electrical air compressors use electricity and others use gasoline as their source of power. Given below is the description of two different movable air compressor.


This silent air compressors are used the battery as their power source. The movable air compressors are commonly compressed, small and light. It allows the owner to move the air compressor and store it anywhere without any chaos.  Such best cheap portable air compressors are best to be used at home as it does not lead to the discharge of harmful gasses nor does it creates any noise pollution. This small electric air compressor also does not result in any accidents or breakage of fire because it uses electricity source. So, there is no danger of any kind.

PORTABLE: This air- compressor is very easy to use as it is very light. It is easy to be picked and carried around anywhere. This feature of air- compressor makes it easy to be used.
ECO- FRIENDLY: This air- compressor does not discharge any kind harmful chemicals and gases. so, it does not cause any sort threat to your health.
EASY TO DEPOT: This air- compressor does not require much space to be placed. It can easily be kept aside in any small space.

LIMITED SERVICE : This machine can provide only some limited function. They cannot do the task which requires a lot of energy.


As the name suggests, these movable air compressors run on the power of gas. These gas based air compressors are adamant and can easily do a task that requires a lot of energy. Because it requires doing bigger jobs, it leads to the creation of a lot of air pollution and noise pollution. It is advised that these portable air compressors are suitable to be used out of the home in some field or open space. These have got the automatic feature of opening and closing itself when the pressure inside the tank increases or decreases. It has got the feature of pilot unloader value. Because of its heavy duty service, it is an ideal air compressor for industrial work.

STANDARD SERVICE :- The feature of this air compressor is the standard one. It leads to the machine giving standard service regularly.
PERFECT FOR BIG TASKS :- This machine can easily handle big and heavy duty works with much ease.

CAN CAUSE ACCIDENTS :- Gas based portable compressors are very much accident prone and can result in breakage of fire. It needs to be handled with care.

CONTAMINATION :- This air compressors can result in contamination of the environment with the release of harmful gasses and chemicals.


1. PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit

portable air compressor for car

Key Feature: Air Transmission – Strength – Design

This mini air compressor have got standard features. This air compressor have is of stable and excellent quality. It is best of bigger tasks which require a lot of energy. It is optimum to be used both inside and out of the house. The capacity of this Air compressor is quite large; it can keep inside six gallons of air inside it. It makes the air compressor very reliable and it can run for a very long duration of time. It consists of 13 piece adornment set, which is very helpful for the beginner user.


This air compressor consist of a switch which controls the transmission of pressure according to your need. C2002 battery-powered movable air compressor provides a maximum pressure of 150 PSI.  It is a good and standard amount of pressure which makes the user move the air compressor for a longer period.


The power of this air- compressor is about eight horsepower, and the battery is 110 volts. It is the perfect strength for this size and design of air- compressor. It is beneficial to its owner as one does not require much effort for this type of machine.


The structure of this device is such which makes it highly reliable. It consists of an asynchronous motor. It helps the air- compressor to become reliable and offer better quality service. The two of its unique features that are its brushes that can be retrieved. It second thing is the 159 PSI pressure at it’s maximum. Another benefit is that the design of the air- compressor allows you to recharge the air- compressor easily and quickly.

 it does not require oil for maintenance.

 it is reliable.

it also have got a switch to control the amount of pressure you want according to your convenience.

 it cannot be used continuously. It requires a break in between.

porter cable 6 gallon air compressor

The best quality about Makita Air Compressor(MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP) is that they are reliable. It does not matter whether it is inclement weather or massive task, you will be able to complete your task without much delay very quickly. This electric compressor is ideal for industrial uses. It can do tough tasks quickly which much ease.  Apart from providing high-quality service, it is also reliable. So, it is a right decision and intelligent decision to purchase this electric based air compressor.



This air compressor gives a standard service. It provides you satisfactory performance. The pump inside is made of cast iron. The generator is beneficial as it improves the service and role of the air- compressor.


The feature of 1720 RPM in this air compressor makes it a noiseless machine. It functions with very noise. The maximum sound produced by this air- compressor is just 80Dba. It helps in reduction of noise pollution.


This portable air compressor requires very less RPM. It is almost half of any other air- compressor. It makes this air compressor very durable and long- lasting. The pump which is made of cast- iron is responsible for making this air compressor sustainable.

very much dependable.

long lasting.

it never possess sound pollution.

The user booklet is very confusing. It is quite difficult to understand the instructions.

This air- compressor is quite heavy and cannot be carried around easily.

3. Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor

3 gallon air compressor

This a portable electrical air compressor. If you have to do any work which requires you to use a compact air compressor, then the air mentioned above compressor are a perfect for you to use.  It provides sufficient amount of pressure that will easily get your work done. senco air compressor is efficient enough to get also the small jobs done that does not require much power. This air compressor produces very less noise and does not take much time in getting charged.


You should not go it’s small size. It gives a very efficient performance. It airy motor along with the 120 PSI provides a high-level service. It increases the performance level of the air compressor.


This air compressor is very easy to use because there are large numbers of indicators given. It also allows you to keep an eye on the changing pressure inside the tank.  It also consists of a connection that helps you to stop the air- compressor whenever you want.


This air compressor requires very less time to recover.  Only thirty seconds recovery time and two minutes pump- time enable you to use the air compressor up to the longest time without much break in between.

 it operates without creating any much noise.

it can be placed anywhere easily. It does not take much space.

 it has very light. It can be easily picked and carried around.

 it cannot be utilized for an extended period.

 it is convenient to be used only for small works, which require less power.


tankless air compressor It is the best air compressor brand for home use . It is very easy to use and does not make any noise. These qualities make this air- compressor ideal and safe to be used at home. It is portable and can be easily moved from one place to other without much effort. In many reviews, people have chosen this air- compressor to be the best one.



This air compressor has the capacity of about 6 gallons and functions with the 165 PSI. This air- compressor has got a high capacity, and it can provide service for a very long time. If you want to start the air compressor even in the cold weather, then this can be an ultimate choice to meet your requirements.


The air compressor is designed especially for the home purpose. It creates very minimum or no noise at all. The maximum noise generated by it is 75.5 decibels. So, it will do the work without creating chaos and disturbing the other members of your home.


This air compressors gives a good has got indicators and barometers which enable the air compressors to perform very efficiently.

it has got varieties of designs to choose from.

 it does not create any noise.

The motor does not require high voltage electricity for functioning.


 It has got a transparent apron.

5. PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor
best air compressor for the money

This air compressor is suitable for jobs that do not require much power.  It is an air- compressor with the gas source of power. It can easily be controlled without much chaos because there are various types of control systems provided. There are different switches given to monitoring the air compressors. This machine does not require any oil nor does it require any maintenance.


The tank of this air compressor can store about 1.5 gallons of air. Its air comes out with the maximum pressure of 150 PSI. Apart from that this air compressor can also function at 90 PSI.


This air  compressor is easy to use. It contains a manual with very simple instructions which allow you to control the air compressor very easily. Apart from that as the tank is covered, it will protect the air compressor from being damaged.


The machine is very much movable and can be carried around with ease.  The weight of the compressor is around 20 pounds; you can use it for an extended period. It does not impose any danger to your health.

it is available in a variety of colors and designs according to the choice of customers.

protective cover.

it has got low down feature.


The spare parts cannot be found easily.

it can easily get broken down due to continuous use.

6. BOSTITCH CAP1512-OF 1.2 Gallon Oil-Free High-Output Trim Compressor

husky 3 gallon air compressor


The main feature of this electric based air compressor is that it has got the attractive design. It is convenient to be used both in the house and out of the house. You will be pleased with their performance.  The machine is very light- weight, not more than 23.5 pounds, which makes the air compressor easy to be handled and movable easily anywhere.


The maximum limit an air compressor can have 150 PSI.  This air- compressor provides high standard services for big tasks that require an enormous amount of energy. This air compressor have got a small tank which makes up for the time needed for the machine to recover. The machine gets recovered quickly and easily.


The capacity of this air compressor is about 1.2 gallon, and it requires the 110-volt power. It is an ideal air compressed to be used at home for domestic purposes. The power is produced in the large amount but it is important to take care that the motor of the air compressor starts of without making much chaos.


This electric air compressor is designed specially for giving standard and efficient performances. The machine weights very less, only about 23.5 pounds. It makes the air- compressor easy to be carried around without much trouble.

 it can be used for a long time.

it is portable and light- weight

very high horsepower


The spare parts cannot be found easily.

it can easily get broken down due to continuous use.

7. DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor

fini air compressorThe air mentioned above- compressor is very much compact. It is manufactured by the very renowned company of Dewalt. This machine is very much compatible for tasks that are not very big, and that does not require much effort. It will do such tasks very much efficiently. Apart from that, the machine is not heavy; it is very light. This machine has got the best and unique features for small tasks, which makes it very easy to be handled.


This portable air compressor is very much light weight. The weight of this appliance is about 24 pounds, which makes it easy to be carried around. Apart from that the procedure to use it is also very simple, which makes it easy to used.  The length of the machine is about 9 inches, which is not very tall, so you can easily place it anywhere.


The air compressor may run on the gas source, but still, it does not cause any noise pollution. It lets out only 69 decibels of noise while functioning. It is very less sound, and this feature of DeWalt d55140 1-gallon 135 psi max trim compressor makes it one of the most silent air- compressor available.


This compressor does not need oil to keep the motor running. The motor of this air compressor does not require oil, which means there is no need to maintain it. This removes your regular headache of taking care of the air- compressor.

 The design of this machine is compact.


it includes a thermostat to improve the service.


It cannot provide services for a long duration of time.

it cannot do such tasks, that require a significant amount of energy.

8. DEWALT D55153 15 Amp 1-Horsepower 4 Gallon Oiled Twin Hot Dog Compressor

high cfm air compressor

This portable air compressor has got an airy generator. It is very long lasting and provides a standard service. The cast iron cylinder increases the lifetime of your machine. The cast- iron motor is oiled one which helps in improving the performance.


If you buy this air- compressor you will be satisfied that you have brought the right thing. It will provide a standard service and provide excellent service for a long time.


This machine can function in both small and big tasks. The capacity of this tank is 4 gallon. The compressor consists of soft start switches which also you to use the machine even in cold weather.


The machine can be recharged very quickly. It does get down quickly, but it also takes very less time in recovering and gets charged up quickly.

It is durable

 it also consists of a controller, which takes care of the pressure inside the air- compressor.

it can tolerate rough weather conditions.

It is not portable.

it is very heavy.

Before you are going to buy an air- compressor, you should know that all the best portable air compressors are not the same.All portable air compressors are not compact, and they cannot be carried around easily. Nor all the air compressors are not easy to use. So, before buying an air compressor the first thing that you should do is to check the air compressor ratings and reviews. once you go through them, you will come to know which unit is best and ideal for your use.


After going through the above air compressor reviews you will have knowledge and details about the air compressor. You just need to decide that which one you should purchase and which one is ideal for you according to your requirements.


You should be fully aware of what for you want to purchase an air compressor for? If you know that what for you will utilize your air compressor for. Then you will know exactly what type of air compressors who want to purchase and what kind of features do you want in your air compressor. Here are some of the functions of air compressor

  • Filling air in the tire
  • Controlling the pressure in the washers.
  • Building purposes
  • Froth painting
  • Carpentry
  • It is also used in factories for the production of food, drinks, traveling and other industries.


There are varieties of best portable air compressors that are available in the market. Here are given below various types of air compressors to clear the confusion of people regarding the role of different types of air compressors available in the market-


This air compressor are motor based, and they run with the help of the engine. The motor does the work of creating the air pressure inside the tank. The engine based air compressors are also of two types-

  • Single stage compressor
  • Two stage compressor

The single stage compressor runs on one motor whereas the second one consist of two motors.The capacity of air compressor differentiates according to the number of motors. These motor based ridgid air compressors are used mostly in the industries.


This portable air compressors are available at reasonable price and are specially designed to be used at home.If it is a motor based air compressor that you want to buy then you should also take care of the fact that which size of tank you would like to buy. It depends on whether you want to do the heavy duty task or just for small tasks.If you want to offer services to you for long durations, then you should buy an air compressor with the big tank.


It is quite a tough decision when you have to choose ultra quiet air compressor. After you have decided that which air compressors you want to buy, it is also important to decide that how much amount of compressed air is required for the task that you want to do with the air compressor and what size of the tank is appropriate for it.


When you go to buy an air compressor then you should always see that what is the capacity of the piston. Often you will find that the power of electric appliance is given in HP means Horse Power.  The power of the air compressor ranges between 1.5 to 6.5 HP. It is an important factor that should not be ignored as it will tell you how much power that air compressor can offer.  Apart from that, the transmittal rate of the air is also given out in CFM (cubic feet per minute), and the release pressure is also given in PSI ( Pounds per square inch). So, if you if make it a point all these things in the air compressor then, you will be able to buy the best small air compressor according to your need.


As already told that the air compressors are available in various shapes and sizes. You should choose the size according to your need. If you need air compressor for household purpose then, the small tank is ideal for you.

However, some people do the mistake of purchasing a big tank, even if there is no requirement for it. You may have to regret later because buying a large air compressor will be a mistake if you do not need it because the large tank is not compact, they are expensive and take ample space for storage.


The CFM measures the air flow. It is important to select the right air compressor for the equipment you want to use it in. The number of pressure changes with the change of humidity, the pressure in the environment.


If work place is near to any power resource, it is then better that you choose the portable electric air compressor.The air compressors that are electricity based can easily run own 110 volts of electricity whereas the bigger one runs on 240 volts of electricity.


The above-mentioned information is sufficient to give you the brief idea regarding which air compressor you should purchase. The other thing that you need to see is whether that you want to buy an electric or gas based air compressor.


This air compressor is gas based; it does not require the electricity source to function. It is also no one secondary to the electricity based air compressor. The gas based air compressor can put gas in the run both with electricity and without the electricity source. So, if there is a problem on no connection with electricity and you need to work in some far away place, it will be a no problem. You have to just gas in the tank, and you can easily complete your job. So, it is very beneficial for the task that requires being done out on a field. The negative part about using a gas based air compressor is that they cannot be used inside the home as they release toxic smokes and chemicals. Apart from that they also create noise, so they are not convenient to be used indoors. They can also cause the threat to your health. Gas air compressors are accident prone, if they are not handled with care, they can lead to accident and fire breakage. Mostly, these gas- based air compressors are not compact and are also very heavy. So, they cannot be used with ease.


The electricity based air compressors are very efficient and can be used with ease. It is very lightweight and portable. The electric based air compressor can be used at home. They are safe to be used indoors as they do not emit any harmful smokes.The negative part about the air compressor is that they require electricity source, there should be an electricity source to put the plug in.  It does not function if connected with the extension cord. It requires being plug in directly with electricity source.

Given below are some of the most renowned brands of air compressors to choose from

After going through the above all the features and different types of best portable air compressor, you may have enough knowledge now to various types of air compressors and how each type of air compressor can be utilized. You can now easily go the market and pick up the right air compressors that suit your requirements.

Now given below are some of the best and renowned brands of air compressor

craftsman portable air compressor
It is one of the most renowned brands that is the producer of industry based power tool. It makes the products that are used by heavy duty industries. It produces latest and new technology based air compressor. It makes the air compressors of various designs, sizes. You can choose the one according to your convenience and which is ideal for you. Some of the most renowned models manufactured by MAKITA is MAC700 and MAC2400.

10 cfm air compressor

This company is a renowned brand in manufacturing air composers. They have launched in the marker, some of the best technologies of air compressor. They offer many attractive designs. There air compressors are most often sound proof, it is what sets them apart from other brands. CAT-6310 is one of the famous models of brand California  portable air compressor tools.

harbor freight air compressor review It is one of the most renowned brands of air compressor. It has been manufacturing the air compressors for many years and helping the people and industrialist in getting their work done. They have launched many new models with new technology. This brand is renowned among industrialist, as they offer a standard quality product. It’s model PC 1010 is one of the most renowned models of the SENCO brand.

husky portable air compressor

This brand of porter cable air compressors has established the trust among people since 1906. Since 1906 it has been providing a standard and efficient services to the people.  One of the most famous models of this brand is Porter Cable C2002. It is renowned because of it’s size and weight and also 13 spare parts for maintenance.

garage air compressor

Though there are various brands of air compressors available in the market, it is considered as the top brand when it comes to air compressed. It produces highly technological and efficient air compressor, especially for the industries. The founder of this company is Raymond E. DeWalt. It was established in 1924. Since then it has been manufacturing various designs and models of air compressor.garage air compressorIt is one of the most renowned brands in the global market. It is an Irish company that is established by the two opponent companies. Ingersoll Sergeant Drill company and Rand Drill company. Both the companies were established in 1871. Both these companies joined hands to make some of the best air compressor for air tools. They have also manufactured a large number of electrical and power appliances.

This brand manufactures both small portable car air compressors and heavy and big air compressor that can be used buy industries and also by resident people.110v air compressorIt is one of the most famous brands in the market manufacturing air compressor. It also makes the products related to air compressor. They came into the business in 1836, but did not start producing air compressor before 1940. Apart from air compressors, it also manufactures painting tools, generator, pressure washers, etc. The model HU502000AV is one of the best models of this brand.

craftsman air compressor

Craftsman is one of the best, and famous brand counted in the air compressor. It creates high quality and standard air compressed. The best air compressor of Craftsman, have got following features.  It has got a 20-gallon tank, it is compact, it is horizontal in structure. You do not require to maintain it or put oil for good service.

It has got wheels, which makes it easy to be transported from one place to other.

air compressor for nail gun

Bostitch is a famous company that produces the significant amount of high quality and efficient air compressor.  It manufactures innovative and technology-based air compressor. It makes both hand operated and electrical air compressor. Apart from the air compressor it also manufactures as staplers, compressors, hand operated tackers, etc.

120v air compressor

This brand is very famous in the market and manufactures standard quality and good air compressor. Apart from an air compressor it also manufactures products such as grinders, sanders, etc.The head office of this company is in California. It has got about 400 retail shops and had 11,000 employees. It produced one of the best quality air compressor.

hand held air compressor

It is one of the most renowned companies in the global market. It has been on the market since 1959. It makes one of the finest and best quality air compressor. The main objective of this air compressor is to provide better service to it’s clients so that they are satisfied. These ROLAIR Systems have goodwill in the market. It can win the confidence of it’s customers, and they are one of the best brand in the market to trust.cigarette lighter air compressorIt is a multinational company of Japan. The main office of HITACHI is located in Chiyoda in Tokyo, Japan.  This Japanese company produces one of the finest quality of air  compressor. It provides home as well as an industrial use of air compressor. It continues to provide excellent service to it’s customers.


Apart from choosing the right kind of air compressor, it is also compulsory that you choose such air compressor that have got safety features with it. It becomes more essential if you are purchasing one for utilizing at home. It is one hazardous electric appliance that can cause the major accident.

Here are the tips of how you should work with your air compressor to maintain it and protect yourself from the accidents-

  • The best way is that before you purchase an air compressor, check that it has got all the safety features, and there is no chance of the leak or fire breakout. If it is new air compressor, then the chances are it will function properly, but still, you should check that everything is fine, before you use it for the first time.
  • For better protection, you should wear safety glasses, so that nothing enters in your eyes and protection in your ears for better hearing.
  • If the air compressor is for heavy  duty purposes, which you should avoid wearing big clothes and accessories.
  • You should keep the air compressor away from objects that may enter the air compressor and may cause the problem later on.
  • You should oil your air compressor nicely, but make sure that you do not put a lot of oil or very less oil. Also, see that oil does not get spread on the ground. If that happens, clean the floor .
  • If the air compressor breaks down then, you may have to repair it, which will cost more. You may simply have to purchase a new air compressor.
  • You should select the right rated hoses and value. So that there is no chance so leakage by pressure and accidents.
  • Air- compressor should not be used for the cleaning of clothes, hair or skin.
  • If you are working with air compressor in an area which can be explosive or can cause a fire. There you need to take care that fire does not breakout. In such places, you should use the air- compressor with ease.
  • The air- compressor that is gas based should not be used inside the house as it emits harmful gases and smoke.
  • You should always switch off the air compressor before removing the plug from the power source. It can damage the air compressor if you pull the plug off directly.
  • After your work is done with the air compressor, make sure that you clean the air- compressor nicely and also the place where the work is done nicely.

It is better that you should be aware of how the air compressor should be used and how you should overcome the risks of accidents and if such conditions arise how to protect yourself. Air compresses are helpful when you have a lot of work at hand and less time. Quietest Air compressors are essential in such situations.


Now after you have gone through this whole article on best portable air compressor reviews, you may already have in your mind about the best air compressors and ready to buy one. Now there is no need for you to search different types of air- compressor as after going through this review you will be able to decide which air compressor to purchase. You can go through important things like size, power, CFM, and PSI and then decide on which air compressor is ideal for you.  These air compressors are beneficial for both indoor and outdoor use. You can apply your intelligence and purchase the one perfect for you.

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