Congratulations! Finally, you have decided to buy 12 volt air compressor for you. As we all know taking a decision is one thing but buying it is another, especially when there is vast selections of air compressors are available in the marketplace. Obtaining any of the air compressor devices completely depend on your requirements, budget or need. If you know your needs, then you will surely be able to buy the best air compressor.

Before considering any of the air compressor devices, you need to know the uses of the air compressor so that your investment on the air compressor will worth your requirements. It can use by several mea12 volt air compressor ns including snow machine, paintball guns, inflating tires, pressure washer, etc.

In the several models of the air compressors, a portable 12v air compressor is the most recommended and desirable air compressor. It is compact in size and comes along with the hose which is used to produce air into the equipment.  This type of the air compressor is used to fill up the ample of air in your car’s tires and so on.

Here is the other component that comes with the 12 volt air compressor:

  • It comes with the pressure gauge that facilitates you to do read out the readings.
  • It includes the power cord that used to connect the power equipment to the power source.
  • The connection apparatus to the alligator clips and cigarette dock’s plug, which simply called power source of the air compressor.

Now, let’s go to discover the top 8 best 12 Volt Air Compressors and their reviews:



air compressor for car


It is such type of the air compressor that intends to meet your entire requirements. Whether you want to use it to compress the air for your vehicle’s tire or other related equipments, it will surely help you to using the alligator clamps that is directly connected to the battery. No matter, you have SUV, ATV or truck, or even those who have 33 inches tires of your vehicle. It also comes along with the LED power indicator, 9 feet power cord, and 12 feet air hose. It includes three piece inflammation tip kit as well.

Note: Its engine must running continuously during working.

Here are few Advantages and Disadvantages of this air compressor:

It is very inexpensive
It comes in a compact size but has very excellent performance.

Its fast working operation saves your precious time.

It takes less space because it has 11 x 6 x 5.5 inches and 1 pound weighs.

It never includes a kit bag.

Has no cigarette lighter adapter.


portable air compressor for car


If your vehicle is involved with the small to heavy inflation, then this Viair Heavy duty air compressor is perfect for you. Same as the above-mention type of the air compressor, it also has 12 Volt, 100 PSI maximum working pressure. Moreover, its engine must be continuously running while operating. You will be happy to know that it comes with the deluxe carry bag that will also meet your style as well. Also, you will also get a brass twist on tire chuck with this device. If you want to fire it, then you just need to trigger the equipment to fill up the air into the tire of your vehicle. It is a lightweight device that is only 5.5 pound in weight. The dimension of this device is quite impressive that is lie between 9.2 x 8.5 x 8 inches.

Now let’s find out the Advantages and Disadvantages of this vehicle air compressor

It is very inexpensive
Almost untraceable sound operation

Its bag makes easy to carry this compressor at anywhere.

Working in a low running temperature.

Affordable device

It is big in size.

Need to improve the accuracy of the gauge.




tire air compressor

This slime air compressor 40022 12-volt digital tire inflator is one of the most favorable and exceptional air compressors that deliver 35PSI maximum pressure to the tires. It has an ability to inflate the standard size tire air pump of your car in just 5 to 6 minutes. You will be happy to know that it is an automatic device that will shut down after reaching its desired pressure. Its bright LED light allows you to utilize it even in the night time. It requires 15 Amp fuse and directly connected to the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. This device is compact in size but still it is much powerful to use and also have rubberized feet that allow stability to the compressor. Moreover, its design is very impressive that has only 0.2 ounces weight and 2.8 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches dimensions. Whether you have a tractor, car or van, you can inflate the tires of these vehicles by using this wildest and lighter 12-volt digital best portable tire inflator.

It is time to find out the Advantages and Disadvantages of the slime compressor 40022 12-volt digital tire inflator.

It includes a digital pressure gauge to display the pressure reading.
Its portable size facilitates you to carry it easily.

Automatic operation


It creates sound while working

It is not fast in functioning as other models.


car air pump



This type of the air compressor intends to add ease because it is very easy to use device that can work rapidly to inflate your vehicle’s tires. It holds 60PSI maximum working pressure; you just have to keep the engine running while using it. This best small portable air compressor driven by the auxiliary power channel and also has extended long life. It also comes along with the ten ft power cord that is used to fill the air into the tire in just 15 seconds, which simply vary on the size of your tire.

This best portable compressor also includes pressure gauge so that you can check out the reading of the pressure while utilizing it. Also has LED light to operate it at night time. If you have heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, buses, then it will be an ideal device for you. Even it allows you to inflate air into the 31 inches tire and you can also adjust the pressure by using the knob of the air compressor. Isn’t wow?

Let’s find out the Advantages and Disadvantages of this air compressor.

Rapid and quiet working operation
Durable and compact device

It is a great option for small or big size vehicles

Portable device

Oil free device so never requires maintenance

It only works on the car tires

It never works more than 60 PSI as it can blow fuse.


air pump for car tires

Slime Pro power heavy duty tire inflator is undoubtedly the most reliable and valuable device that every car owner must have. This device has several amazing features that will surely impress you and insist you consider this device. The “WOW” factor of this equipment is that it can inflate your vehicle’s tires in just three minutes. Even several people experience it and very satisfied with this device, which you can check out on the Amazon as well.

It entails 15 Ampere fuse and directly plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car and also holds 150 PSI built-in gauge. It’s 16 feet coiled air hose and had super bright LED light to allow you to use it at the night time. Moreover, it also comes along with the canvas bag and adapters to inflate the toys or sports toys. The dimensions of this air compressor are 7 x 7.1 x 9.3 inches and just have 5.34 pounds weight.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of this air compressor.

Can inflate the large size tires
You can fill the air into the pool toys as well

Much durable and portable compressor

Also, includes adapter to fill air on other things


Little costly

Slow working procedure


truck air compressor

Viair 300 portable compressor can inflate 31 inches tires in no time. It has 28 amps, maximum 150 PSI working pressure and also includes an anti-vibration tray and dual battery clamps as well. Moreover, its deluxe carry bag makes it easy to carry with you.

 It can also allow you to inflate the heavy duty vehicles like tractors, trucks, bikes and you can also use it to fill up the air into the football or basketballs, pool toys, mattresses, etc. This device made up with the quality material and available in precise size and weight that can consider as the highlights of this compressor. Even if you want to check out the reading of the pressure, then you can also do it by using the gauge that comes along with this air compress.

The weight of this portable compressor is only 10 pounds, which is very handy and lightweight to carry. If you have no much budget to spend, then you can confidently pick this device. Apart from that it also comes with the manuals that allow you to use it easily.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of this device.

Undetectable sound operation
No overheating issue

Easy and reliable inflating functioning

Takes much time to inflate the tire

The power cord is not long enough



air pump for tires

Slime COMP02 12 volt tire inflator best choice for you if you want to have a small sized device for your car. It can inflate the mid-size tire in just eight minutes and also includes an adapter that allows you to inflate the tires flexibly. It comes with the guaranteed satisfaction that’s why it has a high demand in the people.

This device has an inflation power hose that facilitates to inflate the air in less time. Keep in mind that it will not work for large size tires although you can use it average to small sized tires. Whether it is a small sized device, but it is much efficient and reliable for average tires.

Here are few Advantages and Disadvantages that come along with this device.

Easy to use gadget
No overheating issue

Comes with the safety features and much durable to use a long time

Not pricey at all

Produce sound while operation

Not as powerful as other compressors


car compressor


If you want to add flexibility in your life, then you should go with this type of the air compressor. It is an ideal device to inflate the heavy duty and small sized tires as well. Even it can directly plug into the battery. It intends to exceed your expectations and can fill the air in just two minutes. It teams up with the two tubes or cylinder that can efficiently and rapidly inflate the tires and also consist a dial gauge for accurate readings. The weight of this device is 0.8 ounces that allow you to shelter it easily in your vehicle. The overall dimensions are 12 x 9 x 6.5 inches, which is a pretty impressive aspect of this slime heavy duty drive tire inflator or compressor.

It is the best gadget for inflating the trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and so on. It is also very lightweight and compact in size. It manufactured with durability, reliability and extreme quality that’s why it became a leading device over all the air compressors. It also holds no overheating issues as well. Additionally, it has not complicated working procedure. You just have to remember to detach the power cord after operating it.

Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of this heavy duty direct drive.

Fast working procedure
Compact in size

Quiet operation

Long lasting device

Also, includes a carry bag with it

Easy to use and operate

The carry bag comes with this device is not good quality

Not work with the cigarette lighter port

Less power ability


These above 12-volt  air compressors  may the best options for you to save the life of your vehicle’s tires. You can pick any of the listed above compressor to add convenience in your everyday lives. It is also advisable to read out the manual that comes from these devices and then use it to inflate your tires to avoid breakdown. Keep sure to figure out the entire features and pros and cons before considering any of the 12-volt air compressors. You should also have to maintenance as well so that it can work for you extended period of time. Before using a compressor, make sure that every screw is sturdily tightened. You can also check out the testimonials from the Amazon provided by the ex-customers. Now, you are ready to select the right air compressor pump for you.